About Us

Conscientia Research is a full-service Market Research business. Our goals are to make your business successful and competitive by employing research to understand markets, so you don’t have to rely on assumptions about how your market works.

To achieve this, we employ a number of services, including customer validation, market validation, competitive analysis and strategy, regulatory and standards compliance audit, supply-chain optimization, production analysis and business planning.

Conscienta Research has been a Principal Advisor to companies seeking Phase I and Phase II Commercialization through SBIR and STTR grant mechanisms. We have assisted many companies, particularly from Australia and New Zealand enter the US market. With our assistance, US businesses have utilized our research products to enhance the growth projections for their business and strengthened their market capabilities.

Specialties:Market Intelligence, Market Validation Research, Economic Development, Small Business Issues, Competitive Analysis and Strategies, Supply Chain Optimization, Market Entry, Production Strategy.

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   Jim Cooper, Founder